The Museum is pleased to offer our volunteers the opportunity to “adopt” a building in the Homesteaders’ Village for the season. Responsibilities and information can be found at this link: Village Adoption Information

Several buildings have already been adopted, with the following still available:

The Museum has a number of artifacts that are available for adoption. Adoption means the artifact will be assigned to you and you are then the sole person to repair, upkeep and operate this artifact. In limited circumstances the artifact may be removed from Museum property in the adoptee’s care and possession for repair and painting. The Museum has a number of rare artifacts that are not found elsewhere so adoption is an opportunity to preserve an artifact of importance, make a contribution to preservation of Manitoba and prairie history and enjoy yourself while doing so.

The adoption process is relatively easy. To adopt one should contact the Museum office and indicate your interest in a certain piece. The Museum office will direct you to the proper committee who can determine if the piece is already subject to a prior adoption and, if so, the status of this adoption. If the piece has not been adopted already then it is available. If it has been adopted the status of this adoption needs to be clarified as to the activity of the adopters. As a number of Museum artifacts are quite rare, the qualifications of the people applying to adopt need to be made clear to the Museum. In the case of steam operation, as well as holding provincial certification, one has to serve an apprenticeship with the Museum’s stream committee.

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