Work Weekend #2

July 14/15, 2018

Calling all Volunteers!!

If you can make it to the Museum, we need your help around the grounds!! Lots of tasks in preparation for Reunion !

Some of the tasks we will accomplish this weekend are:

  • Centennial Building: cleaning in preparation for the new display,
  • Pole Sheds and Dining Hall: putting up signs,
  • Remove dead trees – please bring chainsaws and trailers,
  • Rake leaves,
  • Painting: Gates C and D, west fence posts, public campground fence – please let us know if you want to paint so we can purchase the supplies,
  • Railway outhouse and other small buildings: scraping before painting,
  • mowing and weed whacking all over the grounds,
  • Work up Flower Beds and Plants,
  • Pioneer Centre: to be swept out,
  • Heritage Building: to be swept out,
  • drywall repair – please let us know if you can do this so we can purchase the supplies,
  • Sheaf Shed: remove tarps and lumber for ease of cleanout,
  • staging area: equipment to be put into rows.

Every weekend is a WORK WEEKEND – See you here !

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