2017-05-27th to 28th – Work Weekend

Welcome Back to our Volunteers!!

If you can make it to the Museum, we need your help around the grounds!! Come on out and renew acquaintances with friends while helping get our Museum ready for this season!

Meals will be POTLUCK or CASH DONATION at the Pioneer Centre (and usually there are enough left overs for Saturday supper and Sunday lunch). Please leave your food items with the ladies in the PC kitchen. We appreciate everyone’s contributions.

Some of the tasks we will accomplish this weekend are:

  • Centennial Building: cleaning in preparation for the new display,
  • Pole Sheds and Dining Hall: putting up signs,
  • Remove dead trees – please bring chainsaws and trailers,
  • Rake leaves,
  • Painting: Gates C and D, west fence posts, public campground fence – please let us know if you want to paint so we can purchase the supplies,
  • Railway outhouse and other small buildings: scraping before painting,
  • mowing and weed whacking all over the grounds,
  • Work up Flower Beds and Plants,
  • Pioneer Centre: to be swept out,
  • Heritage Building: to be swept out,
  • drywall repair – please let us know if you can do this so we can purchase the supplies,
  • Sheaf Shed: remove tarps and lumber for ease of cleanout,
  • staging area: equipment to be put into rows.

Every weekend is a WORK WEEKEND – See you here !

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